The Truth About Motorized Shades And Whether They’re Worth The Expense

Some misconceptions about features like custom shades or motorization for window treatments exist. The most common question people have as homeowners and consumers is whether it’s all worth the added expense.

When it comes to custom window treatments, settling for prefabricated or semi-custom options isn’t worth the small savings you’ll see. The value of custom work and what it adds to your home alone makes it well worth the investment. So, let’s see how that translates to motorization upgrades for your window treatments.

Adding The Whistles & Bells To Your Smart Home

We live in an age where technology is ingrained into many facets of our lives and our homes. Understanding the options you have for upgrades like motorized shades is never more important. This will help you decide which Smart Home features are essential for your family and household.

Why is motorization a good idea for your family?


Above all else, eliminating the need for dangling cords to operate your shades is worth upgrading to motorization. Cutting the cords and using motorized shades instead can prevent injuries or suffocation among children and pets in your home.


Families don’t use their window treatments because it’s a hassle. You’re much more likely to use your blinds, shades, or shutters if you can adjust them with a button on a remote or an app on your Smartphone.


The best way to make your home more energy efficient is to utilize your window treatments as intended. However, if you don’t bother to open or close your shades because it’s too much work to go to each window to make the adjustment, you’re causing too much hot or cold air to linger and making your home less efficient.


Keep your home as comfortable as it should be without relying entirely on your HVAC system. Your home’s interior should be comfortable without spending a fortune to run the heat or air conditioning.

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the truth about motorized shades and whether theyre worth the expense

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