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Shades are ideal for softening up the look of a room or space. The delicate materials, however, vary in style, texture, and patterns, taking on any appearance you deem fit for your interior design. At Blinds & More, we do what’s right for our clients no matter the cost, so trust us to find the appropriate style without overselling you on our most costly products when choosing window shades in Knoxville, TN.

Woven Wood Shades

If you feel like you’re constantly jeopardizing privacy for brightness or vice versa, consider woven shades. They create a visual barrier between indoor and outdoor spaces while allowing diffused, natural light to flow through. However, the level of opaqueness depends on the material you choose since bamboo reeds create a dense weave that filters in little light, while a grass weave provides a clearer outdoor view. 

Like other woven materials, woven wood shades are eco-friendly since they comprise reusable natural resources, which are recyclable. They also protect you from a harmful environment by filtering out UV rays that could scorch nearby furniture and flooring and cause skin irritations. This sunlight distillation also keeps glares at bay and increases insulation, lowering utility bills and the use of your HVAC systems. 

Dual Shades

Another popular form of window shades in Knoxville, TN, includes dual shades that filter light like woven shades but do so differently. With two layers of shades, each with horizontal bands that alter between transparent and opaque lines, shift the bands to suit your preferences. Achieve optimal brightness by aligning all sheer sections, create privacy by aligning the opaque ones, or alternate for a bit of both. 

With different hues at your fingertips, add a splash of color to brighten up an area, display richer earth tones to bring out a rustic feel, or stick with white for minimalist aesthetics. Our company offers a five-year no-questions-asked warranty and a large selection of dual shades, so if you change your mind, you can strive for a vastly different appearance later on. 

Other Forms of Window Shades

Roman shades

Fabric window shades in Knoxville, TN, that neatly fold horizontally as they vertically lift to let in light

Roller shades

Another fabric shade that winds up into a tube at the top of your window treatment when you open the shade, hiding the material for a minimalistic look

Honeycomb Shades

The fabric creates honeycomb cell designs that produce layers of air that improve insulation

Solar shades

Also known as sun shades, tightly-woven solar shades block out harmful UV rays while still providing an outdoor view

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