Roller Shades in Knoxville, TN

From manual to motorized, roller shades are the perfect addition to any interior design—Trust us to find the right fit for you!

Just as your eyes travel to your garden or the street right outside your home when your windows are open, the right window treatments can attract the attention of residents, visitors, and passersby outside.

Roller shades in Knoxville, TN, are an economical option with plenty of choices ranging from minimal and ornate to sheer and opaque. Turn to our family-owned and operated Blinds & More to view them all. 

Manual and Motorized Shades

Roller shades in Knoxville homes are popular for their minimalistic style. The flat, creaseless material pulls down over your window in one soft textile sheet rather than slats or draping curtain fabric. Once up, the shades roll into the cylinder holder above the treatment, making the sheet invisible indoors and out. Also, depending on your sunlight and privacy preferences, you can choose between sheer and opaque looks. 

While they fit into modern and minimalist interior designs, spice yours up with unique landscape or art prints, especially over fireplaces or dining room tables, to create a centerpiece. Distinct patterns can also match a more ornate interior appearance or stand out against a dull corner of your home. They’re also more cost-effective than other treatments but may cost more if you decide on motorized shades. 

Motorized and Solar Shades

Manual roller shades in Knoxville aren’t your only options. For larger residences with numerous window coverings, maneuvering each shade by hand daily becomes tiresome, so consider motorized shades that allow you to pull them up or down with a button. You can also set an automatic timer for them all to function simultaneously during certain parts of the day. 

Motorized roller shades also double as manuals, making them more versatile and our highest-selling product at Blinds & More E. TN. However, if you want triple feature shades, spring for motorized solar shades with a unique woven fabric that filters in sunlight while keeping UV rays out. Sun shades protect furniture and floors while lowering energy bills since your AC won’t have to rival this added heat. 

Other Reasons to Choose Roller Shades

  • Roller shades are easier to clean than slats, which require wiping individual surfaces. They don’t require special cleaning products, and vacuuming eliminates all debris.
  • You can leave minimalistic shades as is or pair them with curtains or other treatments for added coverage and bold aesthetics. 
  • While some treatments cost more for extra fabric (like drapes and curtains) and others are more expensive for their materials (like natural wood blinds), window shades are some of the most cost-effective yet elegant treatments on the market. 

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Our roller shades, especially motorized ones, are our best-sellers since they offer an effortless appearance and functionality. If minimalism isn’t your forte, trust our family-owned and operated team of specialists with over 18 years of experience to find you a more embellished look or the perfect add-ons. 

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