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From large windows to small ones over the kitchen sink to sliding glass doors, you want the option to let the sunlight in or retain your privacy. Blinds in Knoxville, TN, help you do that with the quick pull of a cord that neatly stacks or releases the slats. At Blinds & More, we’ll help you determine the appropriate materials and styles to suit your home when you trust us, voted “Best of the Best” in 2023.

Wood Blinds

Wood blinds are great for adding charm. In Knoxville, where we get plenty of southeastern sun, many residents opt for a deeper mahogany appearance to block the brightness when pulled shut. The rich color, ideal for rustic and farmhouse homes, creates an elegant backdrop that stands out as a focal point or blends into surrounding flooring and furniture. 

However, if brightening your space while adding warmth, consider window blinds in Knoxville, TN, with lighter wood shades ranging from soft plywood brown to white. While perfect for minimalistic homes that don’t want to draw too much attention, they fit into any interior design from modern to ornate and chic. They also raise property value since the quality material promises durability and style. 

Faux Wood Blinds

While natural wood pays for itself in the long run, increasing your home’s worth, a faux wood blind installation in Knoxville, TN, is cost-effective. The imitation material is cheaper, and rather than purchasing non-abrasive cloths and wood cleaners, a vacuum or microfiber mitt cleans the dust off the faux surface during maintenance. For stuck-on grime, soap and water suffice for faux wood blinds. 

Although it doesn’t raise property value, it resembles natural wood. With a wide variety of shades from off-white to cocoa-brown and different finishes from a laminate, reflective appearance to an unpolished, matte-looking texture, don’t worry about matching it to your interior. Both faux and natural blinds offer vertical or horizontal slats that could be motorized or manual while providing window treatments. 

Other Blind Treatment Materials

  • Composite blinds: These blinds are a real hardwood and thermal polymer blend that looks nearly identical to wood but has more flexibility
  • Vinyl blinds: These plastic blinds are another affordable option that rivals aluminum blinds, proving extremely durable and moisture-resistant
  • Aluminum blinds: For a cheaper lightweight option comprising non-toxic, non-corrosive metal, these budget blinds in Knoxville, TN, are the way to go
  • Fabric blinds: For an attention-grabbing splash of vibrant color or unique patterns and textures, these PVC, polyester, or acrylic blinds are perfect while adding light control and insulation

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