Are Plantation Shutters Right for You? A Look at the Pros and Cons

With their clean lines and natural materials, plantation shutters never go out of style. But are these stylish louvered shutters the right choice for your home? While plantation shutters offer timeless appeal, they also come with some distinct pros and cons to weigh before installing them throughout your home.

What Exactly are Plantation Shutters?

What Exactly are Plantation Shutters

Before diving into the pros and cons, let’s take a quick look at what defines plantation shutters. Plantation shutters refer to window coverings constructed from large, adjustable horizontal louvers, typically made from basswood or poplar wood.

You might also hear plantation shutters called louver shutters or louvered shutters. The angled wooden louvers can be shifted to control light and privacy as desired. Plantation shutters may be left open with slats tilted open, closed with slats straight, or closed with slats tilted at varying angles to filter incoming light.

Key Benefits of Choosing Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters offer homeowners distinct advantages over many other window treatments.

Timeless Style

The signature louvered design provides a clean, tailored look, blending well with traditional and contemporary spaces alike. Wooden plantation shutters never appear dated, but rather add a classic elegance to any room.

Light and Privacy Control

Adjustable slats allow control over lighting and privacy levels. Open slats permit abundant light infiltration, while closed slats provide full privacy and light blockage. Partially tilting slats creates soft, diffused natural lighting.

Enhanced Home Value

Quality wood plantation shutters become built-in features, boosting perceived value for future resale. Their custom-made permanent construction sets them apart from temporary window dressings like curtains or shades.


Properly maintained wooden plantation shutters last for decades, especially when using durable basswood, cedar, or mahogany. Their longevity offsets the initial installation investment.

Potential Downsides of Plantation Shutters

Potential Downsides of Plantation Shutters

While louvered plantation shutters offer noteworthy benefits, they also come with some caveats to consider before installing them in your home.


As permanent custom-made fixtures requiring exact on-site measurements, plantation shutters carry a sizable upfront expense, ranging anywhere from $25 per square foot up to $100 per square foot or more. The premium materials, custom-work, and intricate construction equate to a major window covering investment.

Limited Window Coverage

The protruding depth of most plantation shutters prevents them from working well on certain window styles. Bay windows, specialty corner windows, and window seats often cannot accommodate shutters. Confirm your window types work with shutters before committing.

Cleaning Needs

The signature angled louvers and sills of plantation shutters require more intricate cleaning than simple window treatments. While durable, accumulated dust and dirt if not properly maintained can detract from appearance and shorten longevity.

Can’t Darken Rooms Fully

While adjustable slats block daylight well, small bits of light sneak in between the louvers at night. Those desiring 100% blackout capability for media rooms or bedrooms might need supplemental window furnishings.

FAQs About Incorporating Shutters in Your Home

Still deliberating if plantation shutters suit your home aesthetic and needs? These answers to common consumer questions offer additional food for thought.

Kitchens, dining rooms, living rooms, studies, and bedrooms tend to work especially well for plantation shutter installs. Bathrooms and laundry rooms often present too much moisture exposure risk when wood shutters lack proper weather sealing and ventilation.

While uniformity usually provides the most pleasing aesthetic result, coordinating alternative window treatments on select windows while installing shutters elsewhere can produce an integrated, purposeful mismatched style when executed intentionally.

Quality custom plantation shutters provide multiple in-house staining and painting options to match your exact color preferences without the need to paint or stain them yourself after install. Custom coloring ensures shutters coordinate perfectly with existing paint hues in your home.

Time to Decide: Are Plantation Shutters Right for Your Home?

Only you can decide if the signature look and precise light control of louvered basswood plantation shutters outweighs the elevated cost and cleaning demands. If their timeless style and custom luxury speaks to you, plantation shutters will stylishly stand the test of time and enhance your interiors for decades to come.

Still undecided? Contact the experts at Blinds & More to discuss whether plantation shutters suit your home decor vision and windows. Their talented design team offers complimentary in-home design consultations across Knoxville, showcasing sample shutters to make determining if they work for your residence easy and enjoyable. Discover for yourself how Blinds & More’s quality plantation shutters can enhance and elevate your home.

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