6 Expert Tips: How to Choose Window Treatments

When you move into a new home, you get to experiment with new design styles and express your unique style. If you haven’t thought about window treatments yet, you need to. They are a practical and stylish part of every room. Rather than making a last-minute decision, take some time to figure out what window treatments to choose for a new home. We’ll walk you through everything you need to know about picking window treatments.

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Matching Window Treatments to Your Home's Style and Color Scheme

You should choose window treatments that will harmonize with the overall style and color scheme of your new home. Different types of window treatments can enhance or detract from the aesthetics and appeal of a room. You should identify the key design elements and color palette of your home to guide the selection process.

Modern homes have simple lines and a clean appearance. Contemporary homes use interior design features of the present day, stylish home accessories and traditional homes use classic details with dark wood tones and ornate fabrics and patterns. Minimalist homes use a simple color palette and very few details in their design, and transitional homes combine elements from traditional and contemporary designs of home decor.

Controlling Light: Choosing Curtains or Blinds for Adjustable Lighting

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choose window treatments

Pure natural light is something we all wish for in our homes. Sunlight brightens a room naturally and makes it appear more spacious and airy. However, too much sunlight translates into excessive heat that you want to control in the summer for natural light management.

Your best bet for functional window solutions are blinds and curtains for budget-friendly options to allow you the best control of your lighting needs without increasing your cooling bills. Blinds consist of slats and can be considered hard treatments due to their material. Blinds come in wood, wood alternatives, and metals, such as aluminum. If you are looking for a familiar window treatment for your home, blinds are the way to go.


There are both vertical and horizontal options available, and they are timeless customized window treatments. It is largely the versatility of blinds that attracts homeowners. Blinds provide customized coverage for your windows, allowing you to adjust lighting and privacy depending on how they are opened or closed. When you think of this window treatment, you may picture mass-produced vinyl blinds, but stylish options are available as well for blind options. You can select blackout blinds for bedrooms for a peaceful and dark to promote good sleep habits.

For classic window treatments, choose from curtains and drapes for your new home. You can choose from a wide selection of patterns, colors, fabrics, and styles to customize your curtain selection according to the room and your preferences. The curtains you choose will be flowing and beautiful, offering everything from sheer, elegant touches to dramatic color contrasts. Custom curtains can also be ordered to fit your specific windows from an unlimited selection of colors, patterns, and fabrics. You can choose sheer curtains for diffused light in a room or thicker fabrics for a room darkening effect.

Window Treatments for Specific Locations: Considering Humidity Levels

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Kitchens and bathrooms have high heat and humidity levels, and they require window coverings that can stand up to these challenges.

You’ll want to cover any windows in your bathrooms with window treatments for privacy considerations. Water- and moisture-resistant materials, such as faux wood, can withstand the conditions present when you bathe or shower.

If you have kitchen windows above counters, motorized shade or blind choices in a wood alternative are also a good idea, as they are easy to clean. A remote control for your automatic window treatment will let you open or close it with just one push of a button instead of reaching over the counter.

These types of window treatments will withstand the test of time in these special environments while still maintaining style and functionality for years to come.

Selecting the Right Fabric: Seasonal Considerations for Window Treatments

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When choosing curtains and drapes for your new home, you’ll get the most of them if you choose seasonal fabrics to control your room temperature the best and be the most energy-efficient options possible.

Choose lightweight fabrics such as cotton or linen for the summer months to promote air circulation in each room of your home. In the winter, heavier fabrics such as wool or velvet will provide insulation next to your windows and keep the cold drafts out of your indoor spaces. You should choose your fabrics based on the specific climate in your area because some areas have very hot summers that need sunlight control, while others have long and cold winter months.

Accurate Measurements: Ensuring a Proper Fit for Window Treatments

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You must be tedious about measuring your windows perfectly to ensure a proper fit for your window treatments of choice. This will give you a polished and professional appearance in your new home after the window treatment installation.

For blinds and shades that will fit inside the window frame, measure the window frame correctly. Measure for the width at the top, middle, and bottom horizontally and the length on the left, center, and right vertically. Choose the smallest of each measurement for the best fit for your width and length.

For curtains and drapes that mount outside the window frame. Measure your width at the top of the window and add four to six inches on each side of the window frame. This will be the area where your drapery rod will mount. Double the figure for twice as much fabric as the total width so that it will drape naturally with soft folds from the top to the bottom. Measure the length from the center top of the window, about four to six inches above the window frame, to the length you want.

The extra width and length of curtains and drapes will make your windows look larger and your entire room will look more stately.

Adding Personality: Patterns and Colors in Window Treatments

color schemes

You should take your time when adding patterns and colors to your window treatments of choice. Some decorating tips to help you include choosing a color scheme first. Color schemes work together and help you choose patterns that complement one another and elevate the final look. Color schemes should evoke the mood you’re trying to achieve with the room while incorporating design trends for window treatments.

You can then play with scales and proportions for window treatment ideas that look cohesive together in each room while you use color and balance. You can also use solid colors to break up busy patterns and experiment with different textures.

Test out your different choices, so you can see what the end products will look like, including the room ambiance and aesthetics, and if you like it or want to tweak it differently. Let your personality shine and be creative for the best results.

Enhancing Your New Home's Beauty: The Perfect Window Treatments Await!

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Choosing the window treatments for a new home should be a large consideration as it will determine the overall appearance and feel of your home. You should take into consideration your light control needs, window treatments for hot and humid areas, and choosing the right fabric weights for your area. Measure precisely so your items fit well, and introduce colors and patterns to each room. 

At Blinds and More, we are your window treatment specialists, and we can help you to choose the perfect window treatments for every room in your new home. We carry the largest selection of window coverings, the finest fabric and material selection, elegant colors, and finishes to enhance the beauty of your new home. Contact us for a FREE in-home consultation today!

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How to Choose Window Treatments for Your Future Home

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